Quotes added on Friday, June 5 2009

Don't you hate
those stupid chain quotes
about being a good kisser because
you can hold your breath? Well I don't
know if any of you girls have ever even
kissed an actual boy, but you certainly do not have
to hold your breath the whole time. So, why don't
you find out yourself if you're a good kisser & actually
kiss someone instead of take part in those
STUPID chain quotes. thanks - abooochxo.

venting. anyone else fricken agree?
no hate comments, please, im just makin a point =)
love you all <3


well, most of you.

&+ she walks away.,
tears stinging her eyes.,
and she whispers to herself
"you don't deserve me.."

Two girlwalk into school at the exact samtime

The first girl has perfectly straightened  blonde hair, two black rings of eyeliner around her eyes, bubblegum pink lips, and a pair of shorts so short that they could almost be classified in the underwear category.
The second girl walks in with her hair in a messy ponytail, her favorite XXL team t-shirt, baggy sweats, flip flops, and a makeup free face.
Then they both see him walking down the hallway.
He looks over at the girl in her baggy sweats, then the girl in her booty shorts. and guess which one he approaches?
He walks away with the girl in the booty shorts, both of them smiling contently, watching the other girl's heart broken face.

Yea, I hate how middle school works, too

* credit to tennislover888
*Fades to FabulousFades
“We're friends, real friends. And that means no matter how long it takes, when you finally do decide to look back, I’ll still be here.”
            –Grey’s Anatomy

You look up && see the sky
you look down && see the ground
you look in my heart && see 
his name carved in big letters </3
 Cinderella walked on broken glass
Sleeping beauty let a life time pass
Belle fell in love with a hidous beast
Jasmine chose a poor man
Ariel spend her life on land
its all about smiles and tears
love is about facing your biggest fears
"A lot of people run a race to see who's the fastest.
I run to see who has the most guts."

          - Steve Prefontaine

traaaack is LIFE.
when all is said & done, you're a part of me,
that's the way it was meant to be,
people are brought together for a reason,
everything happens for a reason,
i believe the reason you & me were brought together
was cause we complete each other,
we fill in each others missing spaces, the empty holes,
the blind spots, with love,
& if someday god decided to tear us apart,
i trust that there is a reason,
cause if there's a reason for love,
there's a reason for life beyond it
middle. school. relationships.
immature. wayyy too short. stupid. ridiculous. over-dramatic. idiotic.
not amazing.        retarded.           short-lived.         misuse of three words.
and   you   swear  to   yourself  you'll   never  get   caught  up  in  it   all..

until    he   asks   you    out. *
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