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Because of him...

she's fading

fading fast

Almost nothing

is left

Nobody cares about her

At least it seems that way.

She's invisible

to everyone

She's fading

into nothing

Nobody gives a shout

She needs somebody fast

before her mind fills up with doubt

She's dying a horrible death

and when she's dead

Nobody will care

She'll be more forgotten

than she already is

She's fading

someone save her.

and there he was was

She's build now

with each of his smiles

healing everyday

she loves him

with all thats her

She doesn't want to

waste a single day

She growing back

what was lost

because of him...

shes alive...


Really Witty??
Am I honestly the only person
That realizes that when a quote
Has six bajillion comments,
It's probably been spammed,
Meaning its probably jocked,
So really..
Pay Attention.

just ticks me off.
here comes the last time; here comes the start
of every sleepless night; the first of every tear im
gonna cry ;hear comes the pain ;here comes me
wishin things had never changed & that he was
right here in my arms tonight; but here comes
goodbye </3


<3 jack barakat<3

theres a wild side
to every innocent face.

It's Summer
there should be no     bad     days
b u t   h a v i n g   y o u r
{[best    friend     lie    to    you]}
could    ruin   just    about
a n y b o d y s   .x.   d a y


**it's been a bad day, original, don't steal
My personal definition of being fearless is that you have a lot of fears and there are a lot of things that you are afraid of but you jump anyway.

Taylor Swift

I'm trying to live life to the fullest,

but some how, you are always on my mind

When i wake up in the morning, and do my makeup,

I think of you. When i walk out the doors of my boundaries, I look over

at you, and you smile and continue what you were doing. But then you

fall for someone else. Someone that doesn't think there perfect in any way,shape,

or form. But someone that loves you
. . .

Like me(:

1OO% mine :)

Dinosaurs Go RAWR!
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