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you always run off and ignore me and don't care because you know every time ill always be there when you come back

love is always
the perfect

those girls you see doing what you wish you could do
its so much more than glittler cute little leotards and flashy makeup
we get yelled at for the slightest bent knee or the flexed foot or if we even
be a girl and wear nailpolish...deductions
we get 60 seconds to go to the batjroom cause our coaches are scared we might miss
a set of pushupps or our six packs might fade.
we cry? pshtt are you crazy more like get on the bar and do 20 chin upps
what most people dont get about gymnasts are
we are disaplined to the point where we wait to puke till we get home
but its all worth it when all the boys say
i think your the first girl i have ever seen on steroids
they say this when i do a simple front flip off the diving boards
it pathetic when i kick the kick ball over the fence and the guys "bunt"
its because us gymnasts have no fear
and for some reason i like being called
crazy gymnastics freak
cause deep down your just jealous

rate high if your a gymnast
&+ Why am i doing this?
why am i making such a big mistake.
Is this some kind of »silly« little game
that is programmed into a girls brain
before they are born? Why is it that
every time a nice guy actually likes me,
i totally forget their existence and focus
all my time completely on this other boy 
that has no interest in me? Does that make
any sense at all?    :|:
when two hearts race,
both win
My parents think
WTF means
Wow That Funny!
 sTiCkS aNd StOnEs WiLl BrEaK mY bOnEs
BuT wOrDs WiLl MaKe Me FeEl Bad
i dont think i would be alive if i didnt have my best friend.im not joking my best friend held me back because i almost walked into the street to get hit by a car
a place where it's okay to
pick your wedgie
or talk about something other than boys
or where i can say something with it not being
folowed by "thats what she said"
where im a threat to gravity
and our motto is
"train hard or go hime"
rather than in everyday life where its about love
where its okay to not wear makeup or
have chalk everywhere
and where your teammates are closer than your school
friends will ever be
where you get 60 sec to go to the bathroom
but in the end it's all worth it when
all the guys are jealous of your six pack or jealous of your
skills off the diving boards or call you a beast
and us gymnasts dont let people mess with us

credit ^^
rate high if your a gymnast**
One Of The Best Benefits;;
of being --»friends«-- 
is beinablto stand by 
him even though i love him.
&& I would rather love him 
and never let him know,
then to have him hate me.

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