Quotes added on Friday, June 12 2009

Just when I thought that love could never be a part of me, that's when you came along and showed me happiness!
I    dont    know     if       I       should
L   e   t   y   o   u     g    o
Or      hold  on  to that   slim   chance
You're      coming   back      to   
And I'm  s t i l l  here waiting there 
To catch you if you fall. 
I don't know why I care so much 
When I shouldn't care at all.

[your boyfriend sucks- the ataris]

if i has to choose between loving you, and breathing. I would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU.
The Redwings need to win the Stanley cup! and they are going to because there going to be in there hometown which they always win in there hometown!!!!!!! lets go redwings lets go!!!!!!! YEAA I will be on the couch watching it eating hooters!
the worsfeeling ever;;
is knowing you were this close...and watching it all fade away.
&Shes smiling after the best day ever
And she  g o e s to talk to the one she loves
And always will love
But he doesnt know
That with the >>snap<< of his fingers
Her happy day
Could totally turn around and be the worst day of her life
Cause he doesnt have a clue what he means to her
He is her everything
So please be very [[careful]]
Cause with the b l i n k of an eye
You can snap her little heart in half
You are what I've wanted all along.
What I've been dreaming of..
So why now that my dreams have come true,
would I prefer anyone to you?

these are the perfect words to my special someone
And I'm in love with you,
but the things is I havent met you yet<3

DUDE,OMG, you look just like a cop!! =)

    * haha inside joke with my friend. we were talking about how dumb people are when they are high, and someone high would probably go to a random person on halloween and be like " dude, you look sooo much like a cop!!" and that person would really actually be a cop and soo haha  yea* hehe
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