Quotes added on Saturday, June 13 2009

I've learned.....That life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.
I've learned..... that we should be glad god doesn't give us everything we ask for
I've learned..... money doesnt buy class
I've learned. . . . That it's those small daily happenings, that make life so spectacular
I've learned. . .  That under everyone's hard shell is someone, who wants to be appreciated and loved.
I've learned....That the Lord didn't do it all in one day . What makes me think I can ?
I've learned. That to ignore the facts, does not change the facts
I've learned....That the less time I have to work, the more things I get done..

i'm over you. 
you aren't that great (:

an original is always better than a copy

Hold ya Squezze ya Tease ya tell u whats been on my mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not a lie. I'm not an illusion. I'm a princess, so what's the confusion?

-Credit to Photobucket
* I just loved it! *
save the 
d r a m a
for your
l l a m a
Have you ever;;
had a dream about someone
who you didnt even think 
you liked? then when you wake up
you totally [(love them)].. i have.

omg just happend

&+This is how it went down.
We were just friends,
but every night of talking to you made me fall in love.
Next, I told you how much I loved you.
And we were still the best of friends.
But, I still wanted to be together.
And he led me on,
to believe it might just happen.
But now this other girl is in the picture.
Actually it's a few new girls in the picture.
And, you know,
I'm so sick of being a back-up plan.
So this is goodbye to the one guy I never wanted to leave.
And this is a tear down the cheek to all the time wasted on him.

I don't even know what I was thinking.



I'd do just about anything to have you hold me.
to be the first and last one you talk to everyday.
to have you look me in the eyes and tell me you love me.
to hold your hand and know I'm yours.
to know that  I'm the only one you want to be with.
And not just be your best friend anymore,
but be so much more.
Yes, I'd do anything.
Because I love you more than you'll ever know.


**I'm leaving witty. There's nothing more to say.
My story is over.
Enjoy my quotes. Re-make them. Be inspired by them.
It's been fun.
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