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.:you never really regret:.
the stupid things you've done
you regret the things
you didn't do while you had
.:the chance:.

again saw on witty... somewhere
You go and dump me for some other girl... you know i dont care no more... then you come to me wanting to be friends... should i 4give??? or should i leave you hanging??? you really hurt me...so i guess then i must let you go... i just dont need you no no!

quote- by Cat Griffith and Sheridan Wood

be crazy. be young.
and live it up!
with my head on my best friends lap
and tears roling down my cheeks.
i thought about everything that happened between us
and as i changed the memory i let it fade..

now i know I can FIANALLY let you go.
 you were there through the pain.
thanks to you i survived.
And what really gets me is,
he does call me
instead of hott.
I got that BOOM BOOM POW.

they try to copy my swaggah.

if stupidity were in the olympics
you'd win a nobel prize
-Boy Meets World

HOLD ON TO THAT FEELING                *     

yeah, if there's any guys on witty;,
im so sorry for all these period quotes

haha i really am :P

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