Quotes added on Sunday, June 14 2009

Listen, the truth is,
nothing is guaranteed.
So don't be afraid. be
            You know boy, your just mad,
            mad that you dont get chased
            down the street by screaming
            girls every morning, mad that
             you can't call yourself a true 
              rocker, or get screamed at 
           when all you do is buy ice cream
             so its pointless for you to go 
            around hatin', because the
              JONAS boys will always come before you..

                                                             Y o u ' v e   g o t   m a i l !
       and there's a message from your heart.
                     It writes  "I am hurting and I can't
                     handle the searing pain any longer.
                     Stop this now before I shatter and
                     fill your lungs with my glass pieces.

 dn’t forget me*
all the talking on the phone,
the kissing, hugging,
the cute little gifts on valentines day.
the secret notes.
& ; the butterflies in my tummy.
everything i once loved,

is gone.

its :

the mascara and eyeliner running down my face ;
crying because we broke up.
no more talking on the phone.
no more kissing and hugging.
no cute little gifts on valentines day.
no more secret notes.

and especially no more butterflies in my tummy.

and drown me in love<3

come on get higher-matt nathanson

Walk in my shoes

You will knowhow i feel

See its not all fun and games
when u walk in other people shoes

Dont make fun of people

its mean

an arena where
the drama subsides
and the anger you have inside
is put onto the ice.
&if someone you love
walks away
you always have skating friends
that help you get through
the impossible.

in life
is promised
except death
-kanye west

If you are going to make the problems, 
then you better be able to fix them.

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