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If i could give you one thing in life
i would give you the abiltiy to see
yourself threw my eyes,

                  only then you would realize

how special you are to me>3...

Keep your nose
out the sky,
keep your heart
to god, and
keep your
face to the
raising sun.
-Kanye West
&& after two months of wasting *11:11* wishes on you,
i finally realized something.

screw you!
 i could be wishing for a pony instead!!!
An Thin I' Jus Gonna;;
Take     life      as      it     comes,
stop-w o r r y i n g-about-the-future
and   live  in  thpresent  with
n     o     r    e     g    r    e    t    s    .
(easier said than done...)_____________________________________*
Falling in love for me;
is like finding a beautiful pair of shoes.

They don't fit but I want to buy them so bad..


i dont get it that girl you know that amazing singer
Taylor Swift i sware shes met
all my past and current boyfriends....!!!
 and   she   just   wants   him  to  open  his  eyes   and   see
exactly how she feels.
Leave you?
n  e  v  e  r  .
 [ So let me get this straight ]
All these years&; 
 you were no where to be found,
andd now you want me for your own.
but you're a day late;
My day late friend

[ ]


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love|x| quotes.


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