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you'll always be my best friend,
you know too much!

Sporks: a crappy fork and spoon combined.
Everyone knows it's 
--->meant to be<---

fallin' in love
you & me
'till the end of time
'till I'm on his
It'll Happen

Just Friends--Jonas Brothers


they call me her,
they call me stacey,
the call me her,
they call me jane.

T h a t 's n t m y  n a m e.

when you love someone, and i mean really love someone
you can't just be friends
And finally,
the day came when his name
didn't make her smile.

Quote from Xanga.
Everything else by me :)

                    if you really love someone,
                                 you`ll always be there for them,
                                                               even after they broke your heart. <3

Falling in Love
is such an easy thing to do.
Birds can do it,
we can do it.
Let's stop talking,
let's get to it;
Let's Fall in

haha it's the theme song from
the Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Boy: If i could rearrange the alphabet i'd put U&I together

Girl: U&I are already together on the keyboard....but underneath is J&K for just kidding

Boy: But N&M are underneath J&K for nevermind

Girl: Yes..and then there's the space bar for my empty heart</3

haha i thought of this randomly while looking through quotes....its not to great
Oh my god Karen!
You can't just ask people why they're white.

Mean Girls is theee best movie ever :)
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