Quotes added on Tuesday, June 16 2009

Him: Love has no limits.
Me: What do you mean?
Him: Well if you love someone doesnt matter the situation you'd be there.
Me: I love you.
Him: I love you too.

omgosh, this like just happened to me, it gave me butterflies(:
Nothing heals a broken heart
 like an ex with a stupid haircut.

Quote is from somewhere....everything else is mine!
friends are
 like bras theyre always
there for support
when you need them
all mine. comment it please. (:
jordin sparks. new song, ahmazingg.

baaybe your my everythingg; 
a l l i ever wanted <3

lyrics to nevershoutnever! losing it ! love him sososo muchh! he is amazingg. fade is all minee. rate please(:

When you look at me
like you're secretly telling me

 not to give up.

Everything is mine but the quote.

You say you love me;
You say you care;
You say you'll always be with me;
Now I see the real side of you when you break me into pieces
the absence of fear. it's not being
completely unafraid. to me, fearless
is having fears. fearless is having----->
doubts. lots of them. to me, fearless
is living in spite of those things t.h.a.t

scare you to death. fearless is falling
madly in love again even though you
have been hurt before. fearless is
into your freshman year of
school at fifteen. fearless is
back up
and fighting for what
y o u
want over and over again . . .  even
though e v e r y   t i m e you've 
before you've lost. it's f e a r l e s s to
have faith that someday things willx

change. fearless is having the cour-
to s.a.y goodbye .t.o. someone
who only hurts you, even i.f you can
not breathe without them. i think i.t.
is fearless to fall in love with y.o.u.r.
b e s t  friend e v e n though he's in
 love with someone else. and when
someone apologizes to you enough
times for things they'll .
never.  s t o p
doing, i think it's fearless to stop bel-
ieving t h e m.  it's fearless to s.a.y.::
"you're NOT sorry", a n d walk away. i
think loving someone .despite. what
people think is  f e a r l e s s . i .think.
allowing yourself to cry on the bath-
room floor is f e a r l e s s .
letting go
is fearless. then, m o v i n g  o n and
being alright. . .that's fearless t.o.o.
but no matter what love  .t.h.r.o.w.s.
at you, you h a v e  t o  believe in it.
you have to believe in l o v e stories
prince charmings &+
happily ever
im a real big fan of yours

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