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He loves me;
He loves me not;
He loves me;
He loves me not;

You'll never know because most guys are just lying players that don't care if they hurt you;


No Jocking 
This is all mine!!

What hurts the most, is we were so close.
A breath away, in the autumn day.
We were meant to be, so please don't hurt me. 
Don't wanna cry tsleep, so lets just take that leap.

Credit To FabulousFades for the...fading...duh..
But the words are alllllll mine. if you want to use them just ask!

If everyone was afraid to stick up to their haters then this would be a very ashamed world

and I am here to tell you that I have all these flaws,  but I am p e r f e c t
Not in a conceited way but  I am perfect because I'm okay with my flaws & I know that they exist

and  [we can all be perfect] if we acknowledge these flaws and
take the POWER away from the people who try to put us down.
-Chris Crocker                 

Your name used to make me smile in many ways :
Now since you shattered my heart :
Your name makes me frown every time I hear it and see it :
&&ihate this part right here,
where I have to let
  go of you.

it hurts.

Your eyes are blue like the ocean
And baby I'm lost out at sea.
Did the SUN just come out or did you smile at me?
I've been trying to ask you but I can't seem to speak
Was it L O V E at first sight cause I walked by
last week.
im jumping over board.
im diving into you.
youre what ive waited for.
i just wanna be with you.
im falling in the sky.
like a parachute.
you opened up my eyes.
everything i see is blue.
and i i i im falling into you.
and i i i im falling into you.
and i i i im falling into you.
cuz i i i im falling into you

just the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, falling into you by days difference.  comment if you want. k thanks
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