Quotes added on Wednesday, June 17 2009

They were right.
Your a jerk.
That's obvious.
I'd just wished SOMEONE would've told me that sooner!
Because we all know,
I'm blind when it comes to obvious.
             *jORDAN &+_ REiD;; 
                                            -> 5. 27. 09 <3

[ Am I ] too much for you?
Cause you're too much
for me
I still wanna be; corrupted
If i had one wish .....
we'd be best friends love would never end it would just begin. If i had one wish you'd be my boo promise to love you trust me i'll trust you. If i had one wish we would run away, make love all day have us a baby. If i had one wish. i'd make you my whole life and you'd by my wife make it right this time. If i had one wish....

After all you put me through,
You'd think I'd despise you,
But in the end,
I wanna thank you,
Cause you made me that much stronger.

sure summers great
theres  summer  camp, beach
trips, spending
all day at the pool, short shorts, tank tops, filp
flops, sleepovers, no homework
, and tans, but
theres o n e
thing missing this summer, him
Am i the only one.....
Who has make overs.....
But then screws my whole face up...
But then makes it into something cool
in the end?

You know i thought i had it all figured out.
.I was goin to stop liking people and just wait around for that one to come
.But no you had to come back and show me that i still have feelings for you and hurt me again
.Do you like hurting me?
.Do you think its funny?
 Do you have button thats says
"Hey she is doin good LETS GO RUIN HER LIFE!?!?!."
 Because you always seem to come around
when i'm Happy and livin life like i should be livin it !
>>Hunter *&&* Maddie - 
                            6.10.09 <3

Pssh . . . I AM over him. I swear.
Remember when . . .
Whoa there he is! Wow look
how gorgeous he looks.
His hair looks so soft, and his eyes are
just . . . wow.
You know I'm going to go talk
to him.
Oh . . . ummm
not for me of course, my
friend told me to speak her mind
for her.
<<< - - - - - - - Pssh .  .  .
maybe that was just a little
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