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 I'M paranoid

jonas brothers---love those guys

Summer O9
Summer O9
Summer O9
Summer O9
Summer O9

Summer O9...

Be there...

It's Going To Be C R A Z Y :)
I'm just a girl
I won't be changing the world
-perfect. lights.

VoLlEyBaLfor LiFe

for my frend...she's inlove with the sport

ollie: he hates me
vicky: no, don't say that! he doesn't hate you!
ollie: yes he does! look, this is how our conversations are
me(ollie):hi chris.
chris: ... (OR) o.O
vicky: that doesn't mean anything! it's just cause you don't know eachother alot.
ollie: no! and he loves you.
vicky: shut up, dont say that.
ollie: its true! you say one simple thing and he freaks!

well, this is random. haha.
conversation i had with my boyfriend.
ohboyy. today was awkward.
we was telling me how my best friend chris hates
him because we're together
and stuff. it was funni.
i just felt like posthing this somewhere.
i love you oliver.
i love you too chris.
dammit bo  
just cause i got curves
doesnt mean i cant think straight 
Theres all these quotes saying "dont let him break your heart" and "he isnt worth the tears"

But do any of you acutally follow through?...I do.
I dont cry over him or weep.Im  a realist.And im not gonna get upset over someone whos not gonna care about my tears.
So instead of just putting up quotes about being strong...go out there and actually be strong.
Dont waste your tears, but dont be afraid to cry if its really worth it.

Sometimes the strongest thing is being able to cry and not being ashamed.

So dont waste the tears on someone you'll be ashamed of crying over in the end.

Be strong, be brave, and never be afraid.
Your beautiful every little piece love,
don't ya know your really gonna be 
  s     o     m     e     o     n     e  
ask anyone. And when you find
everything you looked for,
I hope your life leads
you back to my front door,
ohh but if it don't
Stay Beautiful.

--Taylor Swift
All  []--those--[]  little things he does
that |__used__| to make me

now make me curse his name and hope he
____burns in hell____
we're meant to lose the people
we love. how else are we supposed to know
[how important they are to us.?]

-the curious case of benjamin button
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