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The deeper you cut
The deeper i hurt
the deeper you cut
it only gets worse
the deeper you cut
the deeper you cut
okay so there's this guy...
i really really like him. hes in my group of friends, but everybody in my grade likes him, so im not sure if i have a chance with him or not, he texts me late at night and when hes with his friends he calls me, hes super hot. he calls me a babe but im not sure if he calls other girls that too, my best friend is really good friends with him and she keeps telling me that he likes me but im still not sure, hes so funny and sweet and nice but im just not sure if he likes me, i really really want him to like me, i think he was gonna ask me out at a party a couple nights ago but i think he chickened out, i love him so much and i want him so bad, hes  just so damn hot and ohmygod hes just so amazing and i want him to think im amazing too.

I am far from 16 but i feel more like 40,
I know things no 15 yr old should know,
things i cant tell anybody,
Things only maby god would really get
Things like a faded red bathrobe can hide alot,
Things like if all you do is siton your bed counting ceiling holes, things around you will keep moving. Stuff will happen, even if you do nothing, your life will change.
Things like you cant save someone that doesnt want to be saved.
Things like this really make me wonder about forty, because what else is there to know?
Madea: If The Gotter's Get Me, I'm Going To Get My Glock !
Dr. Phil: Yeah, Well ; You Don't Get The Glock If You Ain't Been Got.
Madea: What I'm Trying To Explain To You Is; I Don't Care Who Got Me, I'm Going To Them First... Dr. Phil: Why Is It So Important?  Madea: Okay Now, I'm Sick Of You Asking Me All The Questions; It's Like This --

Everybody wants to get even.

--Madea Goes To Jail.
.:Hxixgxh Sxcxhxoxoxl:.

Its high school baby.
You do things you said you wouldn't
You turn into the type of person you once hated
....you try to look hott
just for that older guy_____
that you'll never have a chance with
with act stupid and fail classes of get written up
just to fit in with the "cool kids"
you regret the things
that you've done to become this person but..

its high school baby
it changes you into those people you don't
{{deserve}} to be.
Random Thought  #1 
Inside, there may even 
be a 1% part of me that
might not accully hate you <3

when i'm with him i am thinking of you.
I've met a lot of "chocoholics"
but I ain't never seen no CxHxOxCxOxHxOxL.
-Demitri Martin
i gotta feeling
that tonight's ganna be a 
good night

[i gotta feeling]
[[black eyed peas]]

Boy's are like purse's..
cute, full of crap, and can always be replaced :]
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