Quotes added on Saturday, June 20 2009

& have u seen those girls…
That always laughs at something even if it not funny
That listen to random songs and scream them at the top of there lungs
That don’t care what other people think
That throw goldfish crackers at each other
That have so many inside jokes that you don't know what they're talking about 
That are always there for each other no matter what
That start busting dance moves out of no where 
That will make your day cause they just love making people smile
That are so close they looked glued together
That don’t care how weird you are no matter how much you show it
That love to talk and find hot guys and say it a little too loud
That say they are dating each other (as a joke) ;)
Yea that’s me and my besties, so stop hating cause I know your jealous
You know youre ln love when:
you cant stop thinking about him
you spend every possible second with him
your signature for texts is his name and a bunch of hearts
you can go to him for everything
you can pass by 10 extremly hot single guys looking for dates and not even care
and even the thought of him leaving you makes you go into an emotional breakdown
 definition of my friends:

killing each other over 

a bag of potato chips 

and in the end;;

not saying sorry


haha, do bad loser!!

"hey! ya you over there in the green shirt,
I love you"
~today my boyfriend waz wearing a green shirt...~

 so what??
201th Quote

yay!! i know this isnt a quote
but im happy i cant believe i
made it this far!!
look at quotes! comment fav
and follow :]
i just need to know one thing.....
do you still love her

what would you do if i just came to your house right now;
what would you do if i was there?

i would probably f.r.e.a.k o.u.t considering its like almost one in the morning
and for you to just randomly show up at my house is
totally unexpected

so can i come?

one of my conversations with a boyy <333
Today, there was a ton of people in green shirts because it was field day.  A teacher yelled “HEY YOU IN THE GREEN SHIRT” they all turned around. Seriously, have some common sense…
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