Quotes added on Saturday, June 20 2009

♥x Peace   ♥x
who cares if i dont do excatly as im told
who cares if im not 100% correct every time
who cares if i make stupid mistakes once in a while
who cares if im not exactly perfect
who cares if i feel like wearing sweats today
who cares if i take a few days off of school even though im not sick
who cares if im not dating the most popular guy in the school
who cares if i wear tight pants and skateboard alot
who cares if i burst out crying in the middle of class because i was just broken up with
WHO CARES if i feel like i dont want to be so predictable
 everything is not possible...
tried slamming a revolving door??
Wow its one in the morning
and im still on witty
that says alot about how my life is going rite now

....pretty damn horrible
 & for some reason,
no voice has ever sounded
better saying my name out loud.
life is an ugly place
to be without a
 best<< BESt fRiEND>>friend
[sicker than your average >:D]
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