Quotes added on Saturday, June 20 2009

 && have you seen those girls....
who chuck chex mix at each other?
who break out in dance moves randomly?
who have so many inside jokes you have no clue what they are ever talking bout?
who pretend they are dating each other as a joke?
who get yelled at at every movie for talking?
who are so close you think they are glued together?
who have so many nicknames for each other you don't know who they are talking bout?
who laugh to the highest volume even without a joke?
who burst into song out of no where?
who get kicked out of stores? 
who eat the whole pantry and still have room for dessert?
those girls are me and my besties so back off because you know you are jel

im very unique. . .  Just me(:
Some Pages Turned;
Some Bridges brurned;
but there were;


-lessons learned
Carrie Underwood
colors; mee:D
screw *edward*
give me his dad

*psh, carlisle lover and PROUD
We had it all infront of us;
you were the one i was in love with,
but you always hurt the one you love.
i couldn't get enough.
you were everything thats bad for me;
make no appologies.
im crushed black and blue,
you know i'd do it

all again for you...

→ of course
in love withh youu
iNG ;;
all i want is one guy to prove to me that 
not all guys are the same
one guy to not listen to what everbody says
to be himself,even around his friends
a guy to tell me he'll always be there and mean it
somebody that when i have the worst day ever
will be able to make the best day ever
just by coming to see me
a guy that if i told him i was moving
would beg my parents to let me stay
somebody that will love me
even with all my flaws
someone to prove to me that i am worth it
because ive been told to long and to many times
that im not </3

[-bleh idk venting i guess]
 we don't go to [[school]] to meet our


we go to [[school]] meet our 


How many
does it take to change a light bulb?

because the light bulb has to
want to change first.

My friend Caitlyn told me this, and I thought it'd
be a good witty quote, and besides, it's ture ;D

   Seasons are changing
and Waves are crashing
    and stars are falling
             all for us

Your Guardian Angel(:
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