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&+ Sometimes
i swear to God i am half blonde

to lazy to edit..dont take it though..gonna go bak and edit tomorrow..tell meh if u like!
silence is loud
[when all you can hear is your heartbeat]

And at the end of the day
                             she feel like she could shoot herself..

because during the day
                              just when she thinks that shes got everything figured out

it falls to p.i.e.c.e.s
                      in her hands

they say we're to young.
we are making the biggest mistake.
we can't go through with this.
i'll lives will be done, forever.

you know what i say?


 im the type of girl that when someone says "hey look at all that space"
i say "stop picking on me!"

silence scares me because it screams the truth.

- sober
tonight you gon' call me
[             a          t h o u s a n d        t i m e s.          ]
tonight im gon' make up a thousand lies.
so what do you what do you what do you
what do you think about that?

&+ I've come to the decision that...
I am not subconciously satisfied unless I am, in some way, injured.

This quote does not exist.
x i've had enough. you can stop x
you big flirt.  you walk  arround
:BEGGING: for guys to .drool. over
you.  Don' t give me that  {BS} of
"they're >a l l< over me" or "what
can I say, they're in .:love:. with me"
no, hun. thats not RxExAxL love. Real
love is when a guy doesn't go out
with you just because you have
big boobs and your easy. no,
real love is when you find the perfect |
guy and love  [(each other)] no matter
what ;flaws; they might have. so you
can freaking s!t!o!p! flirting with
every freaking guy | go buy a life
i've had enough. you can stop 

get it? got it good.beotch.

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