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Will you listen to for one second!
I love you with all my heart
Weather you believe me or not
You see these tears rolling d-o-w-n my face
They are for you
Every last quote and this stupid website
All for you
The blood rushing [[down]] my arms
Is yours
That w h o l e journal of secrets
All yours
Now you take better care of them
Unlike my b-r-o-k-e-n heart
Which remains yours
Til the day I >>die<<

venting xP
I got birds in my ears
and a devil on my shoulder
  and a phone  to the other 
  and i can't get 
a hold of her 

what's a c-r-u-s-h to do?
what's a crush to do when he can't get

Crush by Cute Is What We Aim For

&+When I tell you i l[o] v [e] you
i dont say it out of h a b i t
or to make a conversation;
i say it to remind you that
your the best thing that has
ever happened to me

-->You're the reason
my s [m] i [l] e

      in love
 with you

Don't even think
 your not beautiful.
Dont ever say your ugly.
or that No one likes you.
somewhere in this wonderful w.o.r.l.d,
someone is looking for you.
they want to see how beautiful you are.
they think you are perfect.
So next time you say " im so ugly"
just remember, someone loves you.
and knows your l o v e l y .
including me.
I never wanted much from you.
All I wanted was to be . . . I don't know . . .important to you? I wanted you to
care. I wanted you to be the one that I could   always   rely
on. I kind of wanted to be [  t  h  a  t    g  i  r  l  ] you know?
The one that meant   t h e    w o r l d   to you.
I wanted to be the one you'd call, just to say " I  love  you. "
I wanted you to  a c t u a l l y    l o v e    m e.
guess wanted  too  much...
I Love To..

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dance                danced          dance       dance      dance dan    dance    dance                     dance    dance
dance                 danceda     dance          dance     dance  danc  dance   dance                                   dancedancedance
dance                 danceda    dancedancedanced    dance   dancedance   dance                                  dancedancedance
dance                 danceda   dancedancedanceda   dance     dancedanc    dance                                 dance
dance                danced     dance                dance  dance       danceda      dance                     dance  dance
dancedancedancedan      dance                  dance dance        danceda      dancedancedancedance   dancedancedancedan
dancedancedance          dance                     dance dance         danced            dancedancedance      

& i know i should just give up
but here i find myself
still         holdin'         on
This quote does not exist.
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