Quotes added on Thursday, June 25 2009

the greatest failure
is a person who never
admits he can be a failure.x3
please read i need help!

ayeee xallieeex7:
girl:your new girlfriend is pretty. [i bet she stole your heart]boy:yeah... she is[but you're still the most beautiful girl i know]girl:i heard she's funny & amazing. [all the stuff i wasn't]boy:she sure is. [but she's nothing compared to you]girl:i bet you know everything about her by now [like how you knew just everything about me]boy:only the stuff that count. [i cant remember what she says when i think of you]girl:well... i hope you guys last. [cause we never did]boy:i hope we do too. [whatever happened to me & you?]girl:well i got to go. [before i start to cry.]boy:yeah, me too. [i hope you dont cry..]girl:bye. [i still love you.]boy:later. [i never stopped.]
heey alicia: me and brandon.
ayeee xallieeex7: let's look at two pictures, shall we?there's a girl asleep in her room;mascara is under her eyes and pillow;the notebook is playing on her tv;there's an empty carton of ben & jerry's;her phone is lying next to her;she's just praying they'll text her back.now let's look at another one;there's a guy lying awake in his bed;he can't seem to sleep;he has his phone on his chest;he can't make up his mind.all his covers on his bed are kicked off;the xbox hasn't been turned on yet.guess which one screwed up?
ayeee xallieeex7: and yeah you and brandon.

* i really like this kid. and we went to kennywood yesterday. and we did some stuff but not all the stuff we talked about.and today i found out he had a girlfriend for 3 days that i didnt know about. and i really do truely love this kid and i dont know what to do. he doesnt even want to talk to me. and i dont know what id do without him. so if any of  you have advice. please help me. it would be very much appericated. thanks -alicia)':
obviously i'm not a vampire
going to sleeep
why is it that
understands me
and everybody
likes me
 thinking hard. this could be a while
leave one heree 
 livingg lifee with or without you
not heree ,texxxt itt 

I'ma tell you one time,
girl I love you.
yeah, think i'm ignoring youu cuz i amm :D
away leave onee 
 i'm not heree. what ta do , what ta do? 
I am me
and no one can change that
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