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Jacob Black;*
I’m just here to be your friend.
Your best friend, one last time.

 do me a favor...
a n d  t e l l   m e  w h a t   y o u   t h i n k    a b o u t    m e 
tell    me     how    you    want    this     to    be
go out on a limb and just dream

Jacob Black;*
That’s my girl.
Wanna know why...
[[ you are so ugly? ]]
you're not related to me.

Jacob Black;*
All this mandatory love-at-first-sight
was completely sickening!

This quote does not exist.
ItHarLooking AHim...
&+ thinking what could have been.
no pesi
onry diet coke!!

hannah ^^ ily grlie
As we escape through the windows,
Head for the car, and never look back

Breakout! Breakout!- All Time Low
& as he held her for one last time
all the memories came rushing through her
head. the long night phone sessions and the
midnight walks through the park. falling
asleep in his arms and all the kisses in the
rain. and then she remember how he said to
her that he would love her forever and
never leave her. she said to herself, 

what happened to forever?

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