Quotes added on Friday, June 26 2009

Yo mamas teeth is so yellow....
traffic stops when she smiles.
+&& tonight he told me he 
loved me...

...but i didn't know
how to respond

: /

*happened. i dont know? happen to anyone else?*
Awkward moments define me.
I'd sleep all day if I could. I lack
the capability to keep my mouth
Yeah, everyone has bad
, I just have more frequent 
ones. If you don't like me, don't
act like you do; it really won't
offend me. I've made mistakes,
I've let people take advantage
of me, and I have
way less
than I deserve.

re You Trying To MakMe Think::

that you don't care about me
*__(( a n y m o r e ? ))__*

Cause I Sure Keep Getting That Message!

I'M SORRY IT sucks(: i'm super tired,
nd i just wnated to make it before i
forget (like i could) -venting! but whatever.
if you take; please give credit.
nd btw; the 'that you don't carea about me anymore'
and this whole little text information thing
is yellow; well so it is in the preview,
it won't let me change to a diff color! gr. >:|

                             As i think back... 
                           to all the nights we spent together.
                      all the times we were on the phone, not even 
                           talking because we had nothing to say.
                           all those walks we took, and all the
                       laughter we shared along with all the 
                              hugs & kisses on my forehead....
                                        Makes me think               
                             of how i could've let someone  
                                     like you, slip away.


            Alll mine :]

Rosalie Hale;*
Edward has always been a little strange.
Rosalie Hale;*
Ew. Someone put the dog out.
Rosalie Hale;*
I have killed a hundred times more often than you have,
you disgusting beast. Don’t forget that.

Have you ever noticed...
that if someone says the name
of the guy you like, you
look, too?
Confessions from my life #3.
I stayed up until 5 a.m.
talking to [him]

Quote credit--Me
Fade credit--FabulousFades

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