Quotes added on Saturday, June 27 2009

How hard will it be?
To fill the cracks in
your now concreated
heart, that I unknowingly
put in. I don't think I ever
mentioned how sorry
I truely am.          </3
And its come to a -->point<-- where
I'm beginning to see who I can trust,
who I can't trust,
and who was n.e.v.e.r really a friend at all...</3

Tears Don't Fall -- Bullet for my Valentine

                                             cheesy pickup line #9
                                           if you were a hamburger at McDonald's,
                                                        you'd be McGorgeous.

B e c a u s e | a | g u y | l i k e | y o u |i s | i m p o s s i b l e | t o | f i n d
you're impossible to find<3
whoever she is, whoever she may be
[(   one    thing's    for    sure   )]

you don't have to worry
screw skittles taste my
I am 99% sure that you love her.
i see you look at her only all the time;
i gaze into your eyes while you watch
hers. i cry when she laughs, you laugh
too---> she crys, you do too. but boy
its that 1% that still keeps me going.
&+ I Wish Life Was Like A Tv Show:
you could just say remember when...
and then look up..^ and a flashback of you and
your friends appeared
and you watched it and laughed.
                                         cheesy pickup line #10
                                did the sun come up or did you just smile at me?!
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