Quotes added on Sunday, June 28 2009

There is an inner beauty about a woman who
believes in herself, who knows she is capable
of anything that she puts her mind to. There is
a beauty in the strength and determination of
a woman who  follows her own path, who isn't
thrown off by obstacles along the way. There is
a beauty  about a  woman  whose  confidence
comes     from    experiences;      who    knows
s h e   c a n   f a l l ,   p i c k   he r s e l f   u p,

and move on
you know what makes me laugh?
when a little old lady runs out of a public bathroom,
&+ then a random toilet starts overflowing ;D
Try  to do it right...
No rehearsals - it's your life.

Song: New Classic
Color/Design--> meee.* =]
Purposely creating awkward moments since 1996

345789.....in case you weren't born in '96 or whatever you can change it

no stealing all mine!!

Everyone knows it's meant to be
Falling in love, just
you and me



**JonasBrothers-Just Friends

We promised to be Best Friends for ever and ever
< / 3
But for ever and ever came to an end
< / 3
I thought you were different
< / 3
But you're just the same
< / 3
And I am finally over him.  No more crying, no more greiving, no more loveing that jerk.  He completely changed, which was a total turn off.  But the weirdest thing happened.  I used to like my brother's friend when I was younger.  I loved him.  He was cute, smart, his scent was simply amazing.  But then the year that I met the jerk, I decided to give up on my brother's friend.  That lasted for about two years.  Now, that I do not like the jerk, my brother's friend came back.  He like, saved me from being hurt more.  I always believed that saying, "Everything happens for a reason."  This whole thing just made me believe that quote even more.  And I am now happy.
yur gonna love my nuts 

- slap chop guy.
very nice choice of words.
dont you think?
Thought you  should know. . .
I've tried  my best  to let go  of you. . .
But i don't  want to.
I just gotta say it all  before i go. . . Just so
you know.

Song: Just So You Know
Color/Design--> me.* =]
what could i possibly compare his eyes to?
the only   thing    i could think of is
looking  at    the     stars.   its  the
depth   of   the   whole    universe
compact      into     our   horizon. 
the    amazing     feeling   of how
you   could   conquer  the   whole
universe    from   your   spot right
there.  its     like  how everything
you  could   ever   ask for  is just
spelled out in front of your face. 
you   want to   reach for   them,

but they're already in your grasp <3
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