Quotes added on Monday, June 29 2009

dream like you will live forever
like you will die

partial credit
He's annoying,
 he's [ hilarious,]
he makes me .:yell:.,
he drives me crazy,
he's out of his { mind,}
  && he's everything i want

Its funny
when the love of your life
is being a teenage boy
and is girl-crazy.
but that's okay, we understand.
BUT when he tell's your bestfriend
thats she's smokin', you've crossed
the line there buddy.

8 letters...just like


^^^by briiii!!! not mine just venting

You don't stop - you don't hide -->
You run!

Shia LaBeouf --> Transformers 2 (:
Does writing come from  fingertips against the keyboard or the complex mind of the human with such immense emmotion and past experiance?
+& you know you're in[love]
if you spend the entire day wishing
for that one person instead of waiting for
to come around.

Maybe it isn't worth it.

I probably will end up with my heart broken,

spending countless nights crying myself to

sleep but I can't give up the hope of you

finally realizing you want me. That you've

always wanted me. That you always will.

And I can't just stop loving you. So maybe

it isn't worth it, but I can't give up the hope

that maybe it is.
To be in love is like jumping off a cliff
with no intent of looking down at the bottom.
You don't care if it's going to hurt like hell when you hit the bottom.
All you care about is that for just that  [ short period of time, ]
 you felt like you could fly
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