Quotes added on Wednesday, July 1 2009

f r e a k    s i n c e    d a y    o n e   (:

& people might wonder,
How can you be in love with someone you arn't even going out with??
But trust me hun, it can


"The couple that fights the most is the one most in love
it shows they care enough to notice the other one screwed up,
and care enough to mention it to the person so they can fix it.
When you stop fighting it means you stopped caring."

Today i wrote on my mirror in black eyeliner everything i didnt like about myself.
Then, next to it i made a list of all the things i liked about myself.
Guess which list was longer?
Too tired to edit, if ya wanna do it for me just let me knoww thanks(:
It confuses me.
Really, truly confuses me.
You told me, specifically, you loved me for months.
You said you tried writing me a letter, a letter trying to express your feelings for me.
You said you quit writing the letter because you just  couldn't put your feelings into words.
You swore to me. And I believed you. You told me I was the only girl who you truly loved.<- - -'
You told me I was the only girl who put a smile on your face before you read my text messages.
'- - - > We went out.
Let me tell you. Nothing felt greater than knowing that we were together.
I felt rushes of electricity run through my body every time
you smiled that bright, shining smile.
I was in heaven. Literally.
It was a whole three days we went out before you said it.

"I liked us better as friends."
Please just tell me, did you mean everything you said?
Did you even care? Did you lie about it?

How do you go from being madly in love with me one night,

and just wanting to be friends the next morning?

Nothing wrong with being scared.
If a tornadoe is bearing down on you,
you'd be stupid not to be terrified.
That's straight up survival.
But I bet a million bucks for every tornadoe,
there's a thousand things that don't deserve that kind of fear.
Stuff in our imaginations.
- Breathe My Name

He love me... <3
the silence of the phone
makes it that much easier
to hear my heart breaking
- The Replacements
&+ I Am So Confused.
Do I Like You
Or Think I Like You?
Am I ready to call you m.i.n.e
or Ready To Be Called
I am Confused.
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