Quotes added on Saturday, July 4 2009

of heights
of falling
of the dark
of what's in it
of love
of not being loved back

&& shes the kinda girl that doesn't say much,
but when she dose

-x- [ it       means       a       lot ] -x-
&& dont you hate it when your talkinto someone
on aim and there like "lol" and
its not even funny?

haha rate if you do
all minee :]
( taste the rainbow )
Unë të dua
أنا أحبك
Обичам те
Volim te
Ik hou van jou
Je t'aime
Ich liebe dich
Ti amo
Minä rakastan sinua
Te amo
Kocham cię
(in other words)
..........I Love you


I just can’t



my bestfriend.! 

tonight will be the night that i will fall for you,
                                              over again. <3

 && have you seen those girls....
who chuck chex mix at each other?
who break out in dance moves randomly?
who have so many inside jokes you have no clue what they are ever talking bout?
who pretend they are dating each other as a joke?
who get yelled at at every movie for talking?
who are so close you think they are glued together?
who have so many nicknames for each other you don't know who they are talking bout?
who laugh to the highest volume even without a joke?
who burst into song out of no where?
who get kicked out of stores? 
who eat the whole pantry and still have room for dessert?
those girls are me and my besties so back off because you know you are jel

Everything you said still runs through my head.
I should have known better, we would never last forever.
1. male friend: WilliamNelson
2. female friend: Jade;Deanna;Kristen
3. Vacation: I dont like vacations.
4. age: 14
5. memory: 4.19.09<3
1. Time of day: Waking up. Its soo hard.
2. Day of the week: Monday
3. Food: Fish
4. Memory: .. I dont like to talk about it
5. Subject: social!!!
1. Person you saw: Mom
2. Talk on the phone with: Deanna
3. Hugged: Jon
4. IM: Jon
1. Kiss: cory
2. Serious bf or gf: idk
3. Car: im 14
4. First school: idk

1. What are you doing now: IMing Jon
2. Tonight: sleeping
3. Wearing:shorts and a tshirt
4. what did you eat for lunch: chef boyardee
5: Better than yesterday: not at all

1. Is: JULY 4TH!
2. Got any plans: Mhmm(: Going to Jons.
3. Goal: To make the best of my life.
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: It has to end.
5. Do you have work: nuh uh
1. Number: Anything even. Hate odds.
2: Song: Young - Hollywood Undead
3. Color: GREEN!
4. Season: summmmerr (:
5. State:  one of the many in america
1. Are you in love?: Yesssss <3
2. Dating someone: Mhm
3. Missing someone: Like crazyyyy.
4. Mood: Sad
5. Wanting: to hold him in my arms.
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