Quotes added on Monday, July 6 2009

a guy told me he liked me (alot)
its been about a week and a half.
he already told me he's starting to get over it.
yet i just started to →fall.
it's just another

b r o k e n h e a r t .

like i said in my last quote,  good things never last forever.

this quote was oringinally  centered, for some reason, when i preveiwed it, it was at aligh right. so just picture in centered, thanks :)

No Shirt,No Service

No Shirt,No Charge

   i dont know what we have &+i dont know why we have it
                  a  l  l . i . k  n  o  w . i  s . t  h  a  t
   when im here in your arms    >>  i  m . a  l  i  v  e
                    and for the first time i feel like im good enough.
 You make me feel like the
          h a p p i e s t ,     
                  m o s t . a m a z i n g
    girl in the entire world. ;;
               >   I'm not gonna say we'll be
   .together forever.        <3         .happily  ever after.
                    I'm not gonna say we'll live   =
             but i WILL say that
                               i l o v e y o u
and were happy  r i g h t n o w.  and sometimes  r i g h t n o w
                           is all that matters..

 you make me CRAZY
summer two thousand and nine.

hehe. this is like my signature fadee.
i love it (:

 Me, alone, sleepless in my bed, is the most dangerous thing.

**I think toooooo much 
The people who make you  cry
are never worth your tears,
the only people who are worth your tears
are those who would never make you

design: my credit
quote: not my credit

can someone please tell me what MLIA means ?

i honestly have no clue what it means ! lol

thanx !
xx :)

 i thoughyosaid...

it was easy, listening to your heart.
i thought you said it would be okay.
                      so why am i...
   ----------------> breaking apart?

^^^by briiii!!!!

I though of the perfect comeback for an argument
I   had   three   days   ago.

mlia. ^ haha ! happens to me all the time
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