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Jealous hearts will leave us all in ruins

Alex : All Time Low

Nick Jonas asked me to fly with him


of cxoxuxrxsxe;;

i said yes<3(:

all minee
do NOT steall
hehe i LOVE nicholas jerry jonas<3(:

He Could Be The One
H e ' s  l i g h t n i n g
s|p|a|r|k|s  a|r|e  f|l|y|i|n|g
And I can't help myself from how my heart is racing
I  '  m    g  o  i  n  g    c  r  a  z  y
about him lately

Hannah Montana
i havent changed
iv found
& i don't think he understands that
i need him
i need him with me
by my side
holding my hand
and i think i finally understand why
he doesn't need me
[ because he has her ]


.:.amelia.:. requests
you want the truth?

i cry. yes, believe it.
i'm not that all-together girl
everyone thinks i am.

i don't even know how many times
i've felt like breaking down.

a complete m e l t d o w n.

but nobody knows.
because, unlike every
t e e n a g e   d r a m a   q u e e n ,
i hide it.

i lock my bedroom door.
turn on the music.
fall into my bed.
and let that first
t e a r d r o p
slowly slide down my cheek
and slip onto the pillow.
Listen here boy;;
Im in l o v e with you. I cant
stop thinking about you. You
are always on my mind. I get
chills down my spine when i talk
to you.Do you know how many
butterflies i get when you text me?
I dont even know cuz there are too
many to count. So forget her. And
run away with me
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