Quotes added on Monday, July 13 2009


When you say that you want me,

i just dont believe it,
you're always ready to give up,
and not turn around,
but what if i need you baby,
would you even try to save me?
or would you find some lame excuse to never be true,
what if i said i love you,
would you be the one to run to?
or would you watch me walk away withought a fight?

Credit to: ashley tisdale <3

i want him to l a u g h at me, trip me, && help me up... pick me
up and throw me in the pool, make me watch football for
h o u r s, and take me to the arcade and beat me in air hockey,
but most of all, i want him to be glad [he loves me]
Note to self
it is illegal to stab people
for being stupid

My perfect date would be a walk on the beach while the sun is setting & then laying down looking at the stars above us
duuh silly.
i like you.  (:
waiting for you is like
waiting for rain in a drought
useless & disappointing
- cinderella story
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-must include the colors pink and yellow
-can be any type of quote
-needs to be relateable

the winning quote will be judged on Quality, format, wording, relatability, and thought put into.

The grand prize winner will get;

1. me as a follower
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three sencond place winners will get their quote on my profile.


i will pick the winner on Friday, July 17th
you color
my eyes red
your loves not life it's


i love this song its hush by auomatic loveletter sorry if im jocking i no the colors arent really like great sorry
I was on top of the world with my queen.

andres <3

 Pfff. Yeaa, im still
  scared of the;
   monsters under my bed.
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