Quotes added on Tuesday, July 14 2009

ne more reason why
i    should     never     have    met     you.
one more reason why
i         will        never         forget        you.

-- "Stella" All Time Low

Harry Potter & The Half-Blooded Prince hits theatres June July 15th, 2009. <3
^dangit !

Mine, no jocking, tell me if you take :D
we dont drink no lemonade( we dont drink no lemonade)
all we drink is gatorade(all we drink is gatorade)
we dont wear no mini skirts( we dont wear no mini skirts)
all we wear is soccer shirts(all we wear is soccer shirts)
is Meghan Fox going to be the next Angelina Jolie.
you decide.  :)
What are your thoughts on the hottest brothers?  Nick, Joe & Kevin Jonas.   <3
love the fact  that
h e     c a l l e d     a t
exactly   12:00  AM

s o   h e   c o u l d   b e
the  very  first  one
t o       w i s h       m e
happy  birthday

( Even though my two friends said it on
AIM right before I answered the phone
But . . .  I didn't tell  him  that  hehe :] )
I know what's best for me;
But I want you instead.

I love you,
3 simple words put together
that can have so much meaning.


you don't love someone because they are beautiful but beacuse they sing a song only you can understand

not mine, read it in a book, make prettyyy
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