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They all say 'let go, its only gonna get tougher',
and i tell them that for you, babe,

    i'm willing to suffer.

                   Wow, Really?!
 I have always been there for you, and now, you decide to turn on me? wow, thanks for being my 'BEST FRIEND FOREVER' you always act like no one is ever good enough for you, you cause people trouble, you cause all of this drama.i am not only mad at you, i am mad at myself for even thinking that you would always be there for me. and for me believing these words that come out of your mouth every time that i see you. 'i love you hunn.' why at this time, right now, you decide to be 2-faced and expect perfect things from everyone. way to cause all that trouble for everyone. that really shows that you love your friends! whatever happened to 'i pinky promise'? it doesnt make any sense how you turn on people like this. we all just dont get it. and i bet in a few days, your next words will be 'i love you hunn' well, i dont think so. we are smarter than that. its time to move on, and get real! think twice beofre you make a move.

push the heart<3

Never frown, you never know who's falling for your smile.

Dont gain the world and loose your soul
wisdom is better then silver or gold.

                                                                 bob marley.

srry colors suckk. i just like the quote. srry if anyone else has it.

Kelsey *

thank youu monkey19!!!!!!
Being Confused
to the point of insanity is one thing...
but knowing everything is far far worse.

mine mine
all mine
 today i was at the beach. 
    an  old  couple  was  walking  on  the  beach  together ;
 holding hands, cute as can be. i'd say in they're 60's or 70's.
     [ i tried picturing us like that ] ---> i couldn't. old couples
    seem so peaceful. but me & you? we fight, a lot. i realized
then that few people actually marry they're school sweethearts.
           even     though     forever     might     not     last,
   + i wanna make the most while i'm young. one day, i can +
  be like that old couple on the beach, but as of now, i'll just sit
back & enjoy the drama, romance, and rollercoasters through the
                            t e e n a g e   y e a r s <3
after all,      we have one life to live, teenage years won't come back.
Fallinin love ilikdance.
Each   dancer has his or her own steps,
but  for the dance to work, each dancer
must also understand the other's steps.

    I Tried
 And Over&Over
   You Lied
 And Over&Over
   I Cried

And I Don't Know why...
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