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No One Will Ever Have The Best of Both Worlds,
I Can't Wait To See You Again. Maybe He Could Be The One,
Hey, Life Is What You Make It, Right? And Nobody's Perfect,
And Yes, That Includes You Hunny. Who Said Hannah Montana
Is Cool? I Got Nerve, To Punch That Person In The Face. So
Let's Get Crazy, And Start Pumpin' Up The Party.

Haha, all mine*
kindaa came to me(=
ii think of life  like follow the leader,
            *______&just take it as it comes

thought of it<3

* i'm not that girl,

i'm your girl

don't want to move on, but I am.
cause I just need to prove to you,
and to myself that I really don't
[[need you. or anybody else.
Did you sleep well last night?
Because I didn't.
I was thinking about you the whole night.
don't say goodbye,
cuz' I don't wanna hear those words tonight.
cuz' maybe it's not the end of you and I.
And although we knew,
this time would come for me and you,
Don't say anything tonight,
if you're gonna' say good bye.

Don't say goodbye--Skillet


Every girl out there has a sad story
bout how he lied to her. i have a story to... but i
dont tell it instead i tell him that if hes gonna be who he
turned into then im walking outta his life.well he let me walk out
he swore he was gonna break up with his gf for me...but he didnt i cried he
was sorry.i forgave him. now i HATE him...hes a total jackass...but he asked me out
today...i still love him...he knows it...thats why when i said "No" his reaction was
WHAT I thought u loved me...well guess what 5 mins later he asked out "her" the girl who i HATE...well makin me jelous it worked he asked me if i was i said yes...he broke up with her...he asked me out i said no...this time he cried and said why i said cause now u know how i've felt for the past 4 yrs...

well im really good at advice...and he deserved that...but were together now and he has relized how hes wrong...LEAAVE ME A COMMENT ILL HELP YOU OUT!!!<3

 && Sometimes
its not the guy you miss
its what he used to do and how
special he used to make you feel.

You know the feeling..
that you just dont know anymore.
that you wish life was a dream;
so when you wake up you know what not to do?
that you really dont know who you are?
or what you have become?

Well yeah, im so there;;

({dxoxnxtxt       coroyoy....)} . . . . . . .

Bluuuee  skiess.
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