Quotes added on Friday, July 17 2009

Live for the moments
you can't put into words
"Wild Things, There's One In All Of Us"

AnyonElse Notice... 
that whenever a new toy comes out at 
BK or Mickey D's
You never get the one that you

all mine <3:)
You never know what you want 
And you never say what you mean
But I start to go insane
verytime that you look at me 

 You only hear half of what I say 
And you're always showing up too late 
And I know that I should say goodbye 
But it's no use can't be with or without you
 save a drum. bang a drumer ;)

save a skateboard. ride a skater ;)
The more you learn,
the more you know.
The more you know,
the more you forget.
The more you forget,
the less you know.

So.. Why learn?
Party queen, cause a à scene ß

So [ ridiculous ]

little dress, maybe à less ß

So [ conspicuous ]

- all time low
break your little heart </3
credit please lovies! [ love brie ]

;; now i'm  head  over heels,
for   you.

[ W e  W e r e  N e v e r ]
" m e a n t  t o  b e"  b a b y ,  w e  j u s t  h a p p e n d .

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