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Why hello there;;

It's Rebecca from _NeverShoutNever
and here me and my friend, Jaime,
absolutly love to give advice.
So, Please comment or IM us,
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                                                          I LOVE YOU                                                          
                                                          ew not you                                                          
                                                         you behind the other guy                                  
                                                               no not you!                                                      
                                                                yes you!                                                         
                                                                oh nevermind your                                      


hehe i was bored



i was taking a test, and it asked to name 5 opposites.
i immediately started singing


not my fade (:
And People Think
 Girls Are Just Suposed To Spill Their Guts Out In Diaries
Girls Cry All Their Tears Out Because Of A
Broken Heart

But Really
Real Girls Don't Have Diaries-
They Have Best Friends Because They Would Lose A Diary
Real Girls Don't Cry All Their Tears Out Because Of A Broken Heart-
They Suck It Up And Save Them For When They Are
Laughing :] With Friends

*Totally Mine Fav If You Like
 →Never Let The Fear
of striking out keep you from playing the game .

-cinderella story.

                                                H e     l i e d ; 
                                       b r o k e    m y   h e a r t
                                                   &    m a d e    m e    c r y
                                                                                      and after all he's done to me, 
                                                                          s      a    d     l     y

                                I Still Love Him


DAMN boy....
       do you know how much that hurts!!! </3

Good Friends Are Like Stars...
But You Know They Are Always There<3

All alone at the e n d of the evening
&  the  bright  lights  have  faded  to  blue
I was thinking 'bout a woman who might have

Loved me, and I never knew

Lets flip a coin.
Heads i win
tails you loose

all mine fades + quote
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