Quotes added on Monday, July 20 2009

Love is like a Game
                              U can win♥ 
                                             Or u can

I'm just a girl trying to fit in.
Doesn't everyone fit in somewhere?
Well, I'm just a girl trying to find her way.

all minne, it's not thaat goood buut
it's somethinnng. tell mee if youu
likeee itt.

   My Bestfriend...
Is the one who brings out the best in me<3 

                   lets fast forward8
                       to when im over you 
            & i wont feel this pain anymore

The woman
who thinks
no man is good enough
for her may be ---» right ;
but she is
more often


There are moments in our lives

when we find ourselves at a
---> c r o s s r o a d ,

, confused, without a roadmap.

The choices we make in those moments

can define the rest of our days.

Of course when faced with the unknown,

most of us prefer to

turn around and go back <---

Be yourself always, there's no one better!

is stealing my

sadly true..just venting.
favorite if you hate cancer.
she's getting to you.
you're slowly realizing that you don't like
being with out her. you're feeling exactly
how she did.
You took my hand in yours
And told me that I meant the world to you
You came to me with kisses
Explaining how hard it was to keep away
You called me late at night
Just so we could hear each others voices
You told me you loved me
And that nothing other than that mattered
You canceled all our plans
Only to hang out with your other friends
You hung up so quickly
When they asked who you were talking to
You ignored me for a week
And realized there was more to the world
You called one last time
Telling me that it was never meant to be
And you broke my heart
When you told me that your words and I
Were worth nothing anymore

But what if you were wrong?
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