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don't break me ,
                         i'm fragile.</3

crediiit to me.
jocccccckers suuuck
Boyfriend:Just out of curiousity, why did you dump your last boyfriend? 
Girlfriend: I thought I liked him... but he always tried to change things about me.
Boyfriend: There is only one thing I would ever want you to change about yourself.
Girlfriend: Hmm... and what might that be?
Boyfriend:Your last name.

credit the edittt
**I Roll With The Best** 
**Nothing Less**
i lost you
because of my

& i'm left with
all these what if's

what if i kissed
you when you
asked for it? 

what if i never gave
up on us? 

what if i
love you?

all mine. if you want it ask. 


 people like you are the  

                                                                         god gave us
middle fingers

This is one awesome fade; made by hellofades(:
who will burst out laughing because
of something that happened y e s t e r d a y..

credit 4 colors<3
This is one awesome fade; made by hellofades(:
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