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you're    a    thing     of    my    past
you're long gone from my memories
we    havent   spoken   in   so    long
i just figured you were officialy gone
and    i   was    officialy   over    you
so  then  why  did  it  kill  me   when
i saw you with her?
Everyone's life  is  a  story. A  book  that  writes
itself. And  I've  read  enough  books to realize
that  not  all  stories  are  love stories. Maybe I  
don't get the  love story.    Maybe  I get a book
full of crazy characters and constant adventure.
Maybe  my  ending  is  she lived happily  after.
Maybe I never get the they. Maybe just having
a story should be enough
Fiana Quote #3

We were at camp and our counsler was speaking french. fiana knows how to speak french so we asked her what our conseler was saying. fiana said that our counsler was speaking english. Then we said "but fiana, we speak english." Then she said:
"We don't speak english, we speak american"

all mine, no jocks

f e e l   l i k e  i  was  ( drowning ) and  he
pulled me out of the water
 So the other day, I opened up my fortune cookie,
   "Today is the day you let it go. 
            Your chance will come"        
          w r o n g ,  fortune  cookie.         
   As much as I try, I can't let go yet<|3  

haha i really got this fortune...

one day they might just become a serial killer


A friend is someone who knows all about you,
And loves you just the same.

W     h     e     n        I     '     m        w     i     t     h        y     o     u        ,

it feels as if there's no gravity
i     n     s     i     d     e        o     f        m     e        a     t       a     l     l        .

i just thought i would let you know,

                                             Your teardrops

                                                         are ruining  my guitar.
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