Quotes added on Tuesday, July 21 2009

i would walk 73.4 miles just for you.

When you have everything,
you have everything to lose.

never *have *endings

Me (12:24:20 AM): so whattya up to?
Him(12:25:48 AM): talking to the smartest, most beautiful, kindest young woman I have ever met, or even dreamed of
Me  (12:26:42 AM): well im talking to someone even better...hes handsome and sweet and one day hes gonna change the world..oh did i mention i love you?
Him (12:27:42 AM): I love you too, but when am I going to meet this guy? it seems like we would really get along?
Me (12:28:01 AM): oh yess
Me  (12:28:06 AM): its u, u silly goose
 Him (12:28:08 AM): ik i just wanted to hear u say it
it's pretty simple...

he was the one i thought i wanted to be with
but ended up being a jerk
there i'm done
no cinderella ending

Being Happy Doesn't Mean Everything Is Perfect...
It means that you've decided to look further than the imperfections of life.
**credit to Hot-lyts

 faart, requestt.
Random Fact #1
Bill Gates started Microsoft in a recession.

**saw it on a billboard=].
Possible Series...Comment.
 makfan ar:]

“You know, when it works, love is pretty amazing. It’s not overrated.

There’s a reason for all those love songs.”

okayy i was reading a book called This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen and after i finished it i went back and wrote down some quotes that i absolutly just fell in love with . . . it is an AMAZING book and every one should read it!

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