Quotes added on Tuesday, July 21 2009

I love the moments we had.
The conversations we talked.
The days we spent together.
The memories we made.
The inside jokes we have.
Which sometimes aren't
even funny. The moments
where we started laughing
out of nowhere and
knew what the other was
I love the late night phone conversations,
afraid we were going to get caught.
The fights about making fun of eachother.
But feeling bad and making up.
& somewhere along those lines,
I fell in love with you.

Strangers are just friends we have yet to meet.

I t  m a y  c h a n g e <3
Love doesn't make the world go round, but it makes the trip worthwild. :]

*No credit
go it from a myspace Layout
But colors are credit to moi*

         I'm asking that you'll make everything be okay
           No matter what happens I have faith in you
             Please just make this whole thing be okay
                       It's just so hard for me right now
                I dont know what to do or what to say
                        I just want to lay down and cry
                                      Burst out in tears

               BecauseI just hope your okay.

Venting my feelings;
Someone I really care about is in the hospital pretty sick so I'm just hoping that everything will be okay

If I could hold a star for everytime you made me smile,
I would have the entire solar system of stars in my hands.
orever & always

You don't love someone
Because they're perfect,
You love them
In spite of the fact

That they're not.

my sisters keeper<3

Sometimes all a girl needs
is a boy who will just hold her close and always
be there for her. One that'll help her through
all the rough times and never let her down.
A boy who will just be there for her___<3

      Sweetie, didn't you know?
saying "yes" to that boy
was like you were
planning to get your
hearb r o k n
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