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Today I. . .
Read an MLIA about somebody who went to Wendy's and only got nine chicken nuggets instead of ten. I just had Wendy's for lunch and got eleven chicken nuggets instead of ten. I felt like I was a thief and had stolen their chicken nugget. I'm sorry.


feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes.
you make me;
crazier, crazier.
Let's play a game of who's life sucks the most, i'll win. I always win.
i'm one of t h o s e girls who,
wishes on 11:11.

who's with me ?
knh (:

when i started flirtin
with the hustle,
failure became my ex.
now im engaged to the game,
& married to success.
xO * 

wezzy F babiie ;;  i love it (:
      You broke my <3 
                & you still have 
                             all the  
A long night spent with your most obvious weakness;
[You start shaking at the thought]
You are everything I want
'Cause you are everything *I'm not*
And we lay,
we lay together, just not
Too close, too close 
*(How close is close enough?)*
We lay, we lay together just not
Too close, too close.
I just wanna break you down so badly;
While I trip over everything you say.
I just wanna break you down so badly;
In the worst way 

This quote does not exist.
that i'm the one
who understands you
[been here all along] so,
w h y  c a n ' t  y o u  s e e . . . 


more than 10 people a year get killed by vending machines

im gonna start a series =]

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