Quotes added on Saturday, July 25 2009

Anytime I get all dressed up to see you...
I'll make sure my nail polish isn't chipped,
I'll triple check my makeup,
I'll go through every possible embarrassing scenario,
I'll be sure I'm looking flawless.
But you don't notice because you're looking at her.

T H I S I S M Y J A M      

Be Naughty
and save santa a trip :)

**Not Mine I Just Lyked It Credit Fer Colors**

              I've Never Gone       With The Wind
                                      just let it flow, let it take me           where it wants to go. 'till you
                                        opened the door, theres so        much more. ive never seen
                                           it before. i was trying to fly, but i couldnt find my wings, 
                                             but you came along and you changed everything.
                                                you lift my feet off the ground, spin me around
                                                     you make me crazier, crazier, feels like im 
                                                           falling and i, im lost in your eyes, 
                                                                 you make me crazier,
                                                    crazier, crazier,


LovexPeacex& Hair Grease:)

Ba-hahah from YouTube video "Joe Jonas dances to single ladies" by SHANEDAWSONtv2. I wanted to remember it:) i love him, hes so funny. Check him outtt!!

&+  m       I     t  h e     o nIl y  o ne     wh o
sees a commercial and thinks, wow how
dumb is this, and then ends up watching the
whole thing?


& i thought i loved you

and if i have learned one thing about crying,
 it would have to be that,
it feels good in the end because
for once you let it all out
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