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We are Rockstars.Does it Offend you ?
yeah ?
Find afriend who
can make you laugh, makes you smile
when you're sad, you can
hang out with,
you can be
yourself with, you can act
like an idiot
around, loves you for you,
will never let you go, you can
talk to
without being
judged, can give you good
advice, you can trust, you
love to be
around, won't turn their
back on you,
is possibly the
best thingin your life.
when boys had cooties
credit for the edit

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i take requests
&+ i guess
that shooting star was a firefly
i missed one of my birthday candles
it was 11:12 before i opened my eyes
the winning wish bone was only a dud
my fingers weren't crossed tight enough
my penny must've missed the fountain
i dropped the eyelash before i could wish
& that 4leaf clover was a 3leaf with a rip
because i still don't have you

[[©material girl©]]

i remember when i was younger,
i felt like such a rebel because i
watched PG-13 movies
i was 13 =0
it's hard to llwait aroundll for something
that you think
won't ever happen, but it's
h a r d e r t o s t o p when that is
its a rose :)
 everytime i see you no matter how hard i
try,  i just can`t seem to shake these crazy

                            "All your life you are told the things you cannot do. 
                                                       All your life they will say 
                                                    you're not good enough
                                                              or strong enough 
                                                           or talented enough;
             they will say you're the wrong height or the wrong weight 
           or the wrong type  to play this  or be this  or achieve this.

                                             THEY WILL TELL YOU NO

                                                      a thousand times
                                 until all the no's become meaningless. 
           All your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly.

                                                                                                       And you will tell them  YES."

sorry, no colorss): too lazy...
But i love the quote(:
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