Quotes added on Tuesday, July 28 2009

²Bustin' beats
       - no txts please.
i absoutely hate this...

*you are on the phone with the guy you like*

You: soooo....
Him: I have to tell you something...
You: Yes?
Him: I ---

phone dies.

i HATE this !
rate high if you agree [+]


he pretty much answers me in 1 word answers all the time, i barely get to c him, he always says hes busy! he says he loves me tho...

 do u think hes cheating on me??? comment on wat u think!

[In deep thought
     -not answering txts.
Goodbye to broken promises
Time to face your Carlessness
Don't Bore me with apologies
Or comeback Crawling
On Your Knees
 I Thought You Said  You [Love]d Me. I keeped on f a l l i n g for you but why didn't you catch me? When I Thought You Said You [Love]d Me. I.T.h.o.u.g.h.t.w.r.o.n.g.
*m i n e*
&     I'm      scared      to    say 
"   I      e    u"
because  I  care  too   much
about our friendship
and how those three words 
could shatter it
from this second on
we are sisters
no matter what you say.
this girl will be there for me till the end
and when we go to PARIS
we'll turn down the prince for
calling EVERY girl who went to
to rub in there faces
that we saw a royal
you gotta take the good with the bad
  ...smile when your sad          
          love what you got and remember what you had  
a w a y s   f o r g i v e   b t   n e v e r   f o r g e t
learn from your mistakes, but never regret         
          people change,                                                                   things go wrong     
j*u*s*t*r*e*m*e*m*b*e*r,         life goes on

credit for the edit
Today, no one wished me a happy birthday. I wasn't suprised,
 today isn't my birthday.
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