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Around The Hou
text it up;D

Jammin' Out!

get at the cell :P

Party Time!
don't bother texting.

Chilling with the Best(:
feel free to text or calll

Bored Outta My Mind.
make some plaans!

leave me something :D

Being One Of The Guys.
text me, haha<333

Homework and Stu[dying]
save me; interuptions very much appreciated.
Today, I was playing with a 20 questions game. I didn't

think of anything and pressed "unknown" to every

question to trick it. It guessed that I was thinking of

nothing. I'm scared now.
OMG, I'm just done!
I'm done, I'm done, I'm done.
I don't know why I'm the one complaining ;;
I'm the one that keeps falling for him and his traps.
But not this time, I'm moving on and I ain't coming back.
I'm getting over you because I can't deal with you and your
stupid little traps to get me to fall for you.
First, I tell you that I like you and then you say you don't know if you like me?
Puh-lease, you didn't know yet?!
Yea, you did. You probably just didn't want to hurt me A G A I N .
But whatever,
I'm done and I'm moving on without you.

wow, worked hard on this. i thought of it @ 12:00 at night when i was laying in bed.
then i was just like UH, WITTY! 
sooo.. i hope you like it??
        &   &    A   n  d    s  o  m  e  t  i  m  e  s
I wish I still loved you

Lonly people
Open to possalities.
Very odd situations with amazing people
Enjoying every second with them

if u didn't notice, the caps spell out love. also notice its more about friends than a boy or girl.

&& i *Pinky Promise*
          i will
a l w a y s love you             
       you're ( perfect ) for me++           

all mine 
series maybee ?     

Not even Kodak;;

Can capture our memories

* You gotta love this one → What I thought when I first saw it (:

Credit to website, & of course Kodak for dissing you. Muaha. (: 

Edit to me. SCORE!. (: 
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