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Hes Got Somethin' Speciall .
Hes Got Somethin' Speciall .
Annd Whenn Hes Lookin' At Me I Wanna Geet All Sentimental.


im a real big fan of yours

But im quite the joke to you

girl, it wasnt a joke when you kissed me in your room

and replied "i love you too"

Your biggest fan by nevershoutnever! i love them
y o u     b r o k e     h e   t
with out even knowing it
you didn't even care enough to try and figure  it out
w h a t   s h   f e l   towards   you
for you       
for anything about you
you  just  didn't   c a r e   and
now it's too late

no credit
& I just wish
that everyone would finally just be 

If I had a nickel for everytime
You crossed my mind, I'd have five cents
cause I thought about you and never stopped
Today i was watching my ALLTIME-FAVE movie GREASE
I just thought I’d quote this……
Principal McGee: If YOU are not an athletic
After she said that u just had to text each one of my friends this quote!!!! HAHA!!

haha idk i was bored
I thought it would be funny
To turn off all the lights in my house
where it was pitch dark
I changed my mind though when I
Ran Into A Wall

whoever knows her knows if she has cancer or not.
i really hope she doesn't. but if she does, i really hope she gets through it<3
but really, if she is lying about her cancer, than okay.
i'm sure no one would lie about having cancer though.

 but let's stop spreading rumors.
or at least keep it to yourselves.
maybe the story of kaylee has gotten through a lot of people,
and some people might have heard it wrong,
i believe that she does have cancer, even though i don't know her.
and i will keep her in my prayers.
but the people that think she doesn't have cancer,
well okay, it's okay for what you believe.
but people shouldn't be saying she doesn't have cancer,
when you don't even know her.
all i'm saying is;
let's get back to doing quotes, shall we?

favorite or comment if you agree:)
ahhhh, why the spaces?! :(

 middle school and high school
may be the toughest years of my life. but it's what makes me stronger.
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