Quotes added on Monday, August 3 2009

 i hate not being able to sleep. 
[it gives me way too much time to think]
With every ///step\\\ you climb another .::*m o u n t a i n*::.

Every [[(breath)]] it's harder to believe

You make it through the p a i n,, weather,, the h u r r i c a n e s

To get to that one thing

Just when you think the  r o a d is going !n!o!w!h!e!r!e!

Just when you almost gave up on your dreams

They take you by the ****h a n d**** && show you that you ****c a n****

There are no boundaries.

 No Boundaries by Kris Allen

stop making out with Andrew!
ill tell yer dad on you!
and hes an anethesiologist!
He'll knock you out!

i love you krissy!

 [[ i already had this quote, i just made it prettyerrr ]]
w i t t y   a d d i c t .
been blacanblue before
there’s   no   need   to   explain
i   am   not   the   jaded   kind
playback’s                   such                   a                   waste
you’re invisible
[ [       invisible to me       ] ]
my x wish x is
x coming x true

candles - hey monday
credit for edit
A kiss upon a cheek
A hug beneath our tree
A breath below your weight
A baby Underweight
Another kind of love
Will never be enough….
Because none of this is true
I was never with you
You never let me
Now i sit here crying
I hope that i am dying
As i lean against the wall
I slowly begin to fall
My wrists red with power
My eyes dull and begin to drop.
I see you place a flower
On the top of my chest
You leave a note facing me
And telling me the truth
It’s too late….
My poem…..PLEASE DON’T STEAL!!!!!!
(The last line fit well, it’s a charity and i thought my poem would fit well towards the charity!)
it's not PMS--> it's you!(;

la_tuacantante*-for _wittycontests
A friend will
share their umbrella with you on a rainy day...


a best friend would
take your umbrella and run away from you
to the end of the block and start
pointing and snickering

haha all mine. that has happened before!!
[{only my friend saw my crush  walking down the street then told him she stole my umbrella!}] haha
my best friends...=]]
helllllo there:
i would just like to let you know.
you stole my heart, and i don't ever want it back.♥
&+ sometimes
when my luck is e x t r e m e l y bad
i doubt my knowledge of chain
letters being false.
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