Quotes added on Wednesday, August 5 2009

Always said that it's such a pity such a shame
Everytime I told the story I found someone else to blame
Because I knew deep down in my heart
Of course I have known from the start
That yes it's a pity, yes it's a shame
But in the end I am the only one to blame

All mine

I'm very open, everyone knows when I tell lies
So why can't you just open your eyes?
With everything else you see right through me
That's the way things will always be
If you don't open your eyes soon
Open them bigger than the full moon
Everyone can see it except for you
Honestly it's not that hard to do
My feelings  I never really disguise
So why oh why can't you open your eyes?

All mine
need advicee ?
imm heree for yaaa[=
& i cabarlebreath,
because the though of loosing you babe makes me sick to my stomach.
i really dont want you do just walk out of my life,
& maybe i actually like you more than a friend.. once again
but i am very good at hiding it (:
maybe because im a ninja secret hider in training 
&_+ someday , someone
is  going  to  walk  into  your  life  &+ make  you
realize why it never worked
out with anyone else

no credit*

sometimes you'll just feel
everything and nothing all at once. sometimes
you'll find yourself smiling while missing something
at the same time. at times you can absolutely love
a person, all the while wanting to hate them. life
comes with ( guarantees ) except that smiling will
brighten your face, laughing will enhance your
eyes, and falling in love will change your life.

I am not a bad girl,
I am a good girl,
with an attitude!

got it from
i thought it was
he loves me
boy do i wish.
i sit here sometimes and remonice
what would life be like if i said yes
my life would be great, not such a mess
hes the only one that i can see
i wish i could say,
he loves me

the only people
you need in your life
are the ones that
need you in theirs

got it from my phone
and i just love it!!!

EVERYONE  just  has to talk
about     the   one    they    love
because         they        love    them
when      the           truth       is
          love          them      too

all mine
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