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To be  perfectly  honest, if
you  wanted to  see  me in
pain , all  you   had  to do
was  look at me.You didn't
have to ignore me anymore
or make  me feel   like  you
wanted   me  again,  just to
take them shoes off ya lips,
and stop runnin' ya mouthh,

i have friends, sure.
i have good friends too.
but what i really need is a real best friend.
someone who can make me feel just absolutely wonderful.
someone i can laugh my head off with,
but still be able to tell her my problems without it getting annoying.
someone who just can't live without me like i can't live without them.
someone who i feel can be trusted.
someone who'll make me feel that they see both sides of me...

[the silly girl that laughs too much]


[the girl that's grown up and out grown everything]

 someone who'll always be there....

i guess what i'm trying to say is....

i  need  you.

no jocking.
(sorry bout the boring colours)
His name burst through all
the walls I’d built to contain it.
 Edward, Edward, Edward.
I was going to die. It shouldn’t
matter if I thought of him now.
 Edward, I love you.

-bella swan.
//I'm anorexic because I'm not always hungry//
 Heal The World
Make It a Better Place
For You And for me
And the Entire Human Race
There Are People Dieing
If you care Enough For the Living
Make a Better Place for you and for

I didn't know what love was until you walked into my life.

I’m not good enough to be your friend anymore, or anything else.
 I’m not what I was before. I’m not good.

-jacob black.

   I'm a Rebel ;
when my dad  asked  for
a Pepsi, i shook it before
    i gave it to him.

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