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id like to make a quick request for all you guys out there- i dont have texting on my celly so i need some cute aways that dont say " text me!", could you make some? thankyou so much, you can leave the link to the away message you make as a comment for this quote. thankyou it really means alot !! :)<33
i want to be the place in your heart
you never let go of

I   o n l y   h a v e   o n e   l i f e
~and, you know what?~
i'm not gonna waste my time
crying, venting, and regreting
f   u   c   k      i   t
>>>its my time<<<
You have a problem with me?
then  you sure as hell better
>>get out.>>
  NOW it's about me
for   .o.n.c.e..




SiT bAcK ANd JUst LivEe

Just so we're straight and you don't get the wrong impression
Don't need a silly little overdue confession
Just remember when you're over at his house undressing
He's just another sucker who's about to learn a

^^i love this song :)<3^^
i'm taking a chance; taking a leap
and all i can ask...

is that you catch me

&+ thats how its meant to be.
the fairy tale of love is our destiny.<3

just something my boyfriend told me the other day.<3

A t    -x-    l e a s t     -x-    h e ' s
alive and well.
I          l   o   v   e          h   i   m  
>>      enough that      <<
_I want that *
I         w a n t         h i m         t o
- - - - - >  [ have what's < - - - - -
I            j      u      s      t
don't want to
s  t  i  c  k               a  r  o  u  n  d
*__to watch__*

redid itt. (::
comment if you know where it's fromm!

i'd like to make myself believe that
planet earth


s   l   o   w   l   y

it's hard to say that i'd rather stay awake when i'm asleep

cause everything is never as it seems

our giving me a run
for my money hunny
$   $  $                    

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